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Tokovoip FiveM Plugin

Tokovoip is a proximity-based plugin for FiveM. It is an awesome addition to FiveM servers. You basically join a waiting TeamSpeak 3 channel and once you’re in-game and the script is running: your TeamSpeak name gets changed, it moves you to the configured game channel and proceeds to handle the other player’s audio.

So basically you can speak to those around you, as you would in real-life.

Tokovoip FiveM Script

Downloading the FiveM Plugin

You can freely download Tokovoip plugin from here. It will auto-configure itself to run with TeamSpeak 3 so you don’t need to do much more really apart from run it.

You may need to clear your caches if you come across any problems with the FiveM plugin itself, but it’s very rare any such issues should occur.

If you’re struggling to find the exact download required, you should look at the latest releases here and download one of those (preferably the latest).

Downloading TeamSpeak 3

You can download TeamSpeak 3 from the official channel here. Once TeamSpeak 3 is installed to your computer, you simply just need to run it and configure your audio settings such as headphones and microphone inputs.

You should also configure your volume settings whilst you’re at it.

Once you’re in the game, you will need to turn off the default Voice Chat by going to Pause Menu > Settings > Voice Chat > Turn Off

If you are looking for the FiveM script, you can find that here.

Ideally, you should also turn off TeamSpeak 3 notifications too. You can do that by opening TeamSpeak 3 and going to Tools > Options > Notifications and turning those off.

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