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Creating a GTA V FiveM Launcher

In this video, Danny Jay shows us just how quick and easy it can be to create a FiveM server launcher for GTA V using the launcher creator.

Danny shows just how easy it is using either pre-made templates or by creating your own designs and importing your own artwork to create the perfect launcher for your RP server and FiveM community servers.

Using a Launcher Template

The Launcher Creator software comes with a LOT of templates ready-to-use and the community for the launcher creator is pretty big and filled with good graphics artists, they too share templates for others to use.

With the community being so big and friendly, you can download any of the shared templates to use. You can even mash up and customize the FiveM launcher templates so they look like your own.

Here is a preview of just a few of the available templates.

These launcher templates and much more are available to download from within the Launcher Creator community. You can simply download the ZIP file containing the template assets then extract them to your launcher creator directory.

They will then be available for use inside the launcher creator immediately.

Using Custom Launcher Artwork

With the launcher creator it is very easy to create your own launcher designs from scratch. You can simply choose a ‘Blank Template’ from the New Project list and then begin importing your own artwork.

For buttons, you would simply use the Button Object where you can import 3 states of button; Normal, Hover and Click.

For images you can use the Image Object and specify which image to import. Once imported, you can then resize and position that image as you see fit and you can also choose which layer it belongs to.

For the background, you would use the Page property and choose the background image, color or gradient to use for the background of the launcher.

You can also insert Videos, GIFs and Text strings too.

It is advisable to create your own launcher design inside a desktop application like Photoshop, GIMP or Illustrator then import into the Launcher Creator.

Pro-Tip: If you set your Photoshop/Illustrator/GIMP anchor points to 0,0 then you can set the exact positions across inside the launcher creator.

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