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Is FiveM Safe to Use

FiveM is a team-collaboration offering a unique modification for Grand Theft Auto V.

FiveM offers users the ability to create their own custom Roleplay, Racing and Action servers for players to join, their friends or their squads.

It is developed upon by the Cfx framework. It has been in constant development and has been updated regularly since 2014. It is used by millions of GTA V players from all around the world.

The FiveM modification is indeed considered safe to use. But what is safe? Let us explain.


Official Download

To ensure you download the actual, official version of FiveM you must ensure you download FiveM from the official links.

The official Cfx download can be found here. This is the official FiveM download website. If you download directly from this link, you can guarantee a safe download and install.

If you download a “FiveM Installer” from any other URL besides then it’s not a guaranteed safe download at all.

A Virus, Trojan or Keylogger

Ensuring you download from the correct sources online also ensures your computer isn’t going to get infected with viruses, trojans or keyloggers.

Some malicious users will package up a fake “FiveM Installer” and once these bad eggs are installed to your computer, it can be cumbersome to get them removed, even worse, you may not even know and some of these apps can track your activity and even reveal your passwords.

It’s always best to ensure you download direct from the link above ( website.

FiveM Community

When it comes to safety online playing on actual FiveM servers, there are no guarantees. Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) is an adult-orientated computer game. Persons under 18 should not really be playing this game unless supervised and over 15.

When you join or play on a FiveM servers, these servers are owned, run and played on by anonymous individuals from around the globe. There are no regulations and no restrictions towards the content used.

If you permit your child to play GTA V FiveM modification, be aware of the dangers.

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